A session (from the Latin word sessio, which means "to sit," as in sitting to deliberate or talk about something; sometimes called consistory or church board) is a body of elected elders governing each local church within Presbyterian polity. Here are our current session members. Feel free to email any of them by clicking on their name.




Warren Way

Class of 2020

Scott Gainer

Steve Hill

Kathy Johnson

Nikki Sessoms

Nikki Sherrill

Class of 2021

John Hood

Donna Hunt

Terry Morris

Thad Mumau

June Marie Smith

Ralph Spivey

Jay Toland

Warren Way

Class of 2022

Margaret Barefoot

Valen Fowler

Bill Hardwick

Gene Holstein

Karen Horne

Karl Ivey

Neal McNeill

Jeanne Pittman


Worship Committee: 

This committee oversees the mechanics of all worship services: ushers, flowers, communion elements, special services, etc.

Committee Chairs and Liaison: Dwain Joyce and Terry Morris; Kathy Johnson

Finance Committee:

The Finance committee has the responsibility of oversight of expenditures/income. They will give guidance to Session concerning unexpected gifts and will support efforts at debt reduction.

Committee Chair and Liaison: Warren Way; Jay Toland.

Personnel Committee:

The Personnel committee is charged with oversight and care for all personnel. They will be charged with conducting searches for hired personnel, writing job descriptions for every employee, and creating and implementing a system of employee review. They will provide additional oversight for the Highland Learning Center employees.

Committee Chair and Liaison: Beth Birch; Jeanne Pittman.

Building and Grounds Committee:

This committee will work with Richard Boyer and other personnel in the upkeep of church facilities. This committee shall be concerned with all matters pertaining to Highland Presbyterian Church property and its tangible assets. Their work shall be accomplished through the following subcommittees: Property/Maintenance, House and Use, Safety and Security, Insurance and Research, Accountability and Purchasing, and Columbarium Garden and Church Plantings.

Committee Chair and Liaisons: Ralph Spivey; Gene Holstein, Karl Ivey

Generosity Committee: 

The Generosity committee will take on the task of planning and implementing the Stewardship Campaign for our future budgets. They will expand and highlight the definition of stewardship for the church. They will create a Wills Emphasis program, develop long-term debt management concepts, create stewardship education for the congregation, and work with the Finance committee to develop new endowments.

Committee Chair: Jim Konneker

Children's Ministry Committee: 

This committee is focused on Pre-K - 5th-grade programming and events for Sunday School, Children's Moment, Extended Church, and Mission Bible School. They will develop connections with the Learning Center to encourage those families to participate in church events and possible future membership.

Committee Chair and Liaison: Margaret Barefoot; Nikki Sherrill. 

Youth Committee: 

6th grade - 12th grade is the primary focus of the Youth committee. Programs for Sunday School, family events, Middle School and High School Youth programs, Confirmation, Youth Sunday, etc., fall under this committee.

Committee Chair and Liaison: Scott Gainer; Karen Horne

Adult Education Committee: 

Adult education, Sunday School, Special Learning events, Highland Men, Presbyterian Women, Flingers, etc., are under the heading of Faith Foundation committee.

Committee Chair and Liaisons: Becky McGlothlin; John Hood, Valen Fowler

Recreation Committee:  

This committee will oversee Gym usage, including Youth Basketball and the Church League games. They will also help to create health and wellness programs for the congregation.

Committee Chair and Liaison: Gary Horne; 

Mission Committee:

The purpose of the Mission committee is to develop and implement mission projects for all ages with local and international efforts. The missions will balance between money raising and personal involvement. Various programs that are supported by the Mission Committee are the Food Pantry, the Thanksgiving Day Meal, Operation In-As-Much, Operation Christmas Child, and Interfaith Hospitality. Committee Chair and Liaisons: Steve Hill; Thad Mumau, Donna Hunt

Pastoral Care Committee:

This committee is concerned with developing and implementing a plan of spiritual and practical care for the church community. This plan is carried out through a variety of means and oversees various subcommittees - The Stephen Ministry Team, Crisis Care Team, Flower Ministry Team, Greeting Card Ministry Team, Communion to the Homebound Team, Visitation.

Committee Chair and Liaison: June Marie Smith; Neal McNeill

Food and Fellowship Committee:  

This committee plans fellowship events for the congregation, oversees Wednesday Night dinners, and other special occasions.

Committee Chair and Liaison: Joyce Sorensen; Nikki Sessoms

Communications/Welcoming Committee:

Oversees the "communications" aspect of the church, from the newsletters that are sent through the mail, to the Lobby TV, to the website development and maintenance. This committee will help develop procedure for joining the church. They will help mentor new members and make recommendations of new small groups to meet the needs of members. They will develop procedure for contacting visitors.

Committee Chair and Liaison: Karl Legatski; Bill Hardwick

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