This Week's Budget Highlight: General & Administrative

Our administration provides our congregation & pastors with the support they need to implement and carry out the mission of our church. Their daily work “behind the scenes” helps to ensure that Wednesday & Sunday worship services run smoothly. Our bulletins, weekly email updates, website maintenance, and social media are all communication tools for our congregation to have their finger on the pulse of HPC programs! In addition to communications, stewardship begins with financial transparency; diligent financial reporting is imperative for planning future missions & outreach. Highland is also accountable for Presbytery’s Per Capita assessment to participate and share in the work of a wider church. Per capita is the primary source of funding for the Office of the General Assembly. Administration in 2019 will cost $160k or 16% of the budget. 

The Challenge for 2019

We will need $817k in pledges to support 2019 programs, out of a total budget of $1 million. This is a very ambitious goal; however, it is also a practical goal as this is what we need to fully fund the mission, ministry, and work of God in and through Highland Presbyterian Church. We truly believe that if each of us prayerfully considers the gifts and blessings that we have freely and joyously received from God and respond in gratitude, this is a goal we can and will reach. 

What is Dedication Sunday?

This upcoming Sunday, November 18th, is Dedication Sunday and Highland will be hosting a Unified Service! Our congregation will come together to publicly dedicate their gratitude and resources God has provided them for the glory of God and the betterment of His creation. If you have not already made your pledge for 2019, and would like to do so, a tangerine colored pledge card will be found inside of your bulletin. If you have already made your pledge, thank you for your thoughtful consideration. We would still like to celebrate your dedication and stewardship by encouraging you to participate with us by checking the box at the bottom of your card, noting you've already made your 2019 pledge. After the worship service, we will meet to eat and share fellowship with one another. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday! 

Goal Update:

Our 2019 pledges currently total $327,554 out of the total goal of $817,000. 

Join us in Sharing God’s Love by sharing in the gifts and resources that you have been given. 

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