The Story Continues: What Would You Ask For?

We have a birthday in our house this week. At a certain age, it was easy to know exactly what one of the boys wanted for their birthday or Christmas. It was usually so obvious from what they played with or from the thousand times they would ask for something. But somewhere around ten or eleven it started getting harder to get this right. This year, we resorted to simply asking: What do you want for your birthday?  Now, we did set some parameters. We were sure to clarify that simply asking for something did not mean you were going to get it. But we needed some guidance, so we asked again: If you could have anything, what would it be?

Solomon, David’s beloved son who would succeed him on the throne of Israel, had to answer that one too. Unlike the requests in our household, he thought for the long term and, he asked for wisdom. And God gave it to him. But by the end of his life he had accumulated more than just wisdom, much more: more gold, more horses, more wives. He had it all and, unlike when he was asked the question, he wanted more. Somewhere along the way, in the midst of all these gifts, he lost sight of the Giver. He turned away from God and lost it all. Another King gave us another path to follow. He had it all and gave it all . . . for us. Whether it is around your birthday, in the Christmas season, or any time, the way that you can guard yourself from the tyranny of too much stuff is by giving and sharing what you have. Simply give and share so that others can simply live. That’s what the King born as a baby in the manger did. 

See you this Sunday as we restart our journey through The Story with week 13: Follow the Leader. Sharing God’s Love, ~Chip

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