Stewardship Week 1: Message from Chip Stapleton

We often think of stewardship as an obligation – or, if we are thinking about the tithe (10%) – a kind of tax. I think that misses the God-intended reason we are called to be stewards. The rationale behind stewardship can actually be summed up in one simple word, ‘Thanks.” God calls us to steward (or watch over) the gifts, talents and resources we have as a reminder that all good gifts – everything we have – comes to us from the loving hands of our God. Stewardship is a call to gratitude, to turn our world’s claim that we can never have enough on its head and proclaim that in and through Jesus Christ, we have all we could ever need. When we give to the church it is about more than just paying salaries, funding ministries, missions, and keeping the lights on and the building updated. Those are all important, of course, but our giving should primarily be thought of as our joyful and intentional participation in God’s mission in and for this world. Giving and stewardship are important because they lay the foundation for our community to go about the work we have been called to: Sharing God’s Love.


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