Hunkered Down Devotion 3/25/20

Chip Stapleton Highland Presbyterian Church March 25th, 2020 Hunkered Down Devotions

Psalm 27:1-6 The Voice (VOICE)

1 The Eternal is my light amidst my darkness and my rescue in times of trouble. So whom shall I fear? He surrounds me with a fortress of protection. So nothing should cause me alarm.

2 When my enemies advanced to devour me alive, They tripped and fell flat on their faces into the soil.

3 When the armies of the enemy surround me, I will not be afraid. When death calls for me in the midst of war, my soul is confident and unmoved.

4 I am pleading with the Eternal for this one thing, my soul’s desire: To live with Him all of my days - in the shadow of His temple, To behold His beauty and ponder His ways in the company of His people.

5 His house is my shelter and secret retreat. It is there I find peace in the midst of storm and turmoil. Safety sits with me in the hiding place of God. He will set me on a rock, high above the fray. 6 God lifts me high above those with thoughts of death and deceit that call for my life. I will enter His presence, offering sacrifices and praise.

In His house, I am overcome with joy As I sing, yes, and play music for the Eternal alone.

This psalm has a special place in my heart and in my life of faith. The words of Psalm 27, along with Psalm 56, form the basis of a song entitled, ‘You Are My Hiding Place’, and it is the song my mother sang to me as a sort of lullaby when I was a young child.

The words, simple but profound, offer a word of hope and comfort for an anxious child – or any of us in times of trouble, fear or stress:

You are my hiding place, you always fill my heart with songs of deliverance Whenever I feel afraid, I will trust in you

Let the weak say, ‘I am strong’ in the strength of the Lord

These words have been a comfort to me in difficult times for my entire life, and in this time of upheaval and confusion, I hope and pray they might provide the same for you.

One of the great attributes of the psalms is that they provide us with a way to think about and pray through the various threats we face. The psalmist turned to God in faith and trusted in his providence as he faced enemies and challenges of both a personal and a national nature.

As we face the challenge that COVID-19 poses for all of us – as well as all of the other problems and challenges that come with our ‘normal’, daily lives, we can turn to God for refuge as well.

I read this insight in the study notes for this passage: The reality is there are times when our enemies appear to have the upper hand and our cause is lost. But wait and listen to the psalm! All is not lost because, ultimately, God is our light and salvation. The darkness will lift, and our Savior will come. He will settle all scores, and we will live in the beauty of His presence.

Praise God for that.

Sharing God’s Love,


Prayer: Jesus, you are our hiding place. Fill our hearts with peace, comfort and the songs of your deliverance from all that we face. As we struggle with all of the challenges we face, help us to find our hiding place in you. Amen.

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