Covid 19 Response

Dear Highland,

As we continue to navigate this crisis together, we wanted to share some updates and suggestions for the coming weeks. 

With regard to Worship Services, we are following guidance provided by the Presbytery. We will be canceling all face-to-face worship through the month of April. This would mean that, hopefully, our first “in-person” service back together would be May 3rd. (This is subject to change). 

In the meantime, we will continue to record and post our “virtual” worship service, rotating between traditional style (recorded in the Sanctuary), and Second Mile style (recorded in the Fellowship Hall). The response to our virtual worship services has been wonderful and encouraging – thanks to all that have worshipped with us. 

We are planning to record and share special services for both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. 

For Easter Sunday, along with our recorded virtual service, we are planning to host a “drive-through” communion on the Learning Center side of the church. We have ordered pre-filled packaged communion cups (with wafers) to be used for this purpose. We are working on the details of how to execute this plan in a way that is both meaningful and safe.

Here is the latest on Committee Meetings and Church Staff. Following the direction of the Presbytery, we will be canceling all face-to-face committee meetings at the church through the end of April. Committee chairs (and Janice and Chip for Session) are empowered to do whatever business is necessary/possible via email. Staff will support video conferencing options for anything that requires “live” discussion. 

All HPC “hosted” meetings and/or space rentals through April are canceled or postponed as well.

Church staff that are able are encouraged to work from home. Since the Learning Center is still operational, our support staff: Richard, Jermaine, Tabitha, Teddy, Davian, and Alan are still working somewhat regular hours. 

As you all know, visitation is not an option right now, therefore, much of our Pastoral Care isn’t happening in the same way it usually does. One of our biggest concerns is making sure we don’t miss any member who is in urgent need. Please send any concerns you may have to Chip at, or Kelli at or you may call the church at 484-2147.

One of the main reasons Chip is doing a daily devotional is so that those feeling isolated, disoriented, anxious, etc.  – especially those isolating alone – might continue to feel a connection to HPC. 

Many of you have likely seen the Easter Lily order form available online (clickhere), with delivery option. 

The Food Pantry will continue to operate on Thursdays. The need for this ministry was very apparent last Thursday (March19th) as there was a very high demand. We will continue our new practice of bringing the bags outside, modified check-in process, and asking people to remain in their cars to minimize risk and exposure. We feel this is a critical need that we should continue to meet as long as it is possible to do so. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on ways to better serve each other during our time apart, please email Chip at, or Kelli at

Please stay safe and continue

Sharing God’s Love,

Rev. Chip Stapleton, Session, and Highland Presbyterian Staff

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