What is an endowment fund?

Endowment funds are  designed to support our church every year, forever! Endowments may be designated by individual donors to support certain missions, programs, services, or general operations. Endowments can be created as a memorial for a loved one. The original amount of the gift is invested and portions of the investment income are annually distributed to the church. The value of the original gift is preserved.

Why does Highland Presbyterian Church seek to build endowments?

  • ​ Gives our church’s members an opportunity to continue our missions in perpetuity.

  •  Allows donors to support their favorite programs with an endowment they design.

  •  Offers donors more options of when and what to give. (Often a bequest from a donor’s estate may be the largest gift the donor ever makes.)

  •  Assures the donor that their original endowment gift will support Highland forever.

How many endowment funds does Highland have?

We have four endowment funds at the Cumberland Community Foundation:

       1. HPC Endowment Fund

       2. HPC Benevolence & Outreach Endowment

       3. HPC Maintenance, Preservation, and Renewal Endowment

       4. HPC Endowment for the Chancel Choir

What does the endowment fund generate? 

Our endowments generated $60,000 toward our 2017 Operating Budget!


Who do I contact about Highland's endowment funds?          

You may contact Elaine Bryant Hayes by phone at 910-527-1413 or emai at elainebhayes@gmail.com or Jim Konneker 910-323-1009 skonneker@gmail.com.


​How can you donate to one of Highland's Endowment Funds?

  • ​Send a check to Cumberland Community Foundation (CCF),  PO Box 2345, Fayetteville, NC  28302. Write HPC Endowment on the check in the memo line

  • Make a credit card gift online at the secure site: https://donatenow.networforgood.org/hpc

  • Create your own named endowment as a memorial or tribute or give appreciated stock, other securities, insurance, or real estate by calling Cumberland Community Foundation at (910) 483-4449. Mary Holmes, extension 103

  • Make a gift in your will to “Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. for the Highland Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund.” (Always seek advice from your own legal professional).

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